Auction Schedule

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12 comments on “Auction Schedule”

  1. Heather Asprey

    I’m looking for information regarding a lien sale that occurred sometime during march thru may 2018 at armor steel mini storage in north highlands. Did you post for them at that time?

    • Sale Maker Auctions

      Hello Janette,
      Yes it is possible. Prior to conducting an auction, we do request the winning bidders to check with Management as to what their policy is on personal items. A tenant can also contact the auction company or the facility and ask that they pass your name / number onto the winning bidder of your unit. It will be their (the winning bidder’s) decision on whether or not they choose to call. The majority of our regular buyers tend to do the right thing.

  2. anonymous

    I found a Lamborghini hidden behind a mattress at one of Forrest’s Auctions last month. It was stuffed with silver dollars from 1878. Thank you so much salemakers!! Ill never have to work again. It was close to Stockton and I didnt get stabbed. All I can say. Good luck bidders!!

  3. Tonya Fokas Fokas

    I’m looking for mini u storage in Vacaville, ca on Aegean way for upcoming auctions…. how can I look up previous auction dates and units sold?