The BarnYard –

Welcome to the BarnYard – where you can find boats that float (we hope) and cars with tires (air not always included) that are patiently waiting for their day to shine on the auction stage.  thebarnyardlogo
If you’ve ever been to DMV, then you know these things can take some time, so check back regulaly to see what’s ready to roll out (or in some cases be pushed). All liens are sold “as is.” Unless being sold by a private party, all liens are subject to a 10 day mandatory waiting period after the auction.


1993 Range Rover – Russian River Covered RV Storage
Healdsburg June 28, 2017

STILL SITTING ON THE BENCH: (Waiting for DMV Authorization)
*1977 Orrion Boat  *1993 Ford E350 Box Truck   *1987 Dolphin Motorhome  * 1987 Bayliner Boat   *1993 Chevy Caprice   *1993 Chevy Cavalier   *1994 Ford Explorer   *1993 Land Rover   *2000 F150 Truck *1998 Grand Cherokee  *1982 Coleman Pop-up Trailer

REMEMBER: Unless specified in advance, DMV may have a mandatory 10 Day waiting period on vehicle / boat / motorcycle liens, therefore possession cannot take place until after 10 days. Sale Maker Auctions reserves the right to charge a 15% Buyers Premium on top of the hammer price. No Sales tax is charged to you at the time of sale. Deposit(s) if any, are decided upon by the facility.


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