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Q Street Mini Storage – North Highlands @ 3037 Q Street North Highlands, CA 95660 916.331.7324
Feb 7 @ 10:00 am
Mister Space Self Storage – Stockton 👀 EXPAND FOR AUCTION 📰 ANNOUNCEMENT @ 2972 W Swain Rd, Stockton, CA 95219, USA 209.476.0800
Mar 6 @ 10:00 am

Mister Space Self Storage – Stockton

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to sections 21700 Through 21716 of the Business and Professions Code, Sections 2328 of the UCC, Section 535 of the Penal Code and provisions of the California Civil Code the undersigned will sell at PUBLIC SALE the following Delinquent Tenants Personal Property, by Competitive Bidding, on MONDAY MARCH 6, 2023 @ 10:00 AM at Mister Space Self Storage, 2972 W. Swain Rd., Stockton, California 95219. PEDRO GONZALEZ: TV Sets (3), Washer & Dryer, Couches (3+), Dresser, Shelving Unit, Tools, Boxes (10+, Misc. HHG. DANIELLE MCCOY: Radio Flyer Wagon, Luggage, TV Set, End Table, Children’s Toys, Boxes (15+), Misc. HHG. ALL BOXES & TOTES – CONTENTS UNKNOWN. Purchases must be paid for at the time of purchase in CASH ONLY. All purchased goods sold AS IS, WHERE IS and must be removed at the time of sale. Sale is subject to prior cancellation in the event of settlement between the owner and the tenant(s). Contraband, or items subject to regulation or registration, will not be transferred with the lien unit(s) unless otherwise noted. Mister Space Self Storage (209) 476-0800. Auction to be conducted by Forrest O’Brien CA Bond No 00106386718 or Donna Wilson CA Bond No. 0562039 of Sale Maker Auctions 925.392.8508

People ask, “How do I buy one of those Auction Units?” It’s simple! Show up to sign-in 15-20 minutes before the Auction. Don’t be late. But don’t be too early; because, after you sign in, you’ll be waiting in the parking lot. You need a photo I.D. to be a buyer. You also need enough cash (no checks or credit cards) to pay for the unit(s) you buy and the
$100 Refundable Buyer Deposit (Buyers Only). Bring a flashlight to help you see what’s in the units. If you buy a unit it must be secured until emptied, so bring a padlock or two. The Auctioneer will gather the buyers together for a short talk on the rules of the Auction. Next, the door to the first Auction unit will be opened and the buyers may LOOK at the contents. You cannot TOUCH anything in the unit or step inside. When everyone has had a look, the AUCTION begins. High bidder wins. Then the group moves to the next Unit. Remember; you are bidding on the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the unit, unless otherwise specified. After the last unit is sold, the successful buyers gather in the office. We copy your photo I.D., verify your phone number and collect the purchase price plus Sales Tax and the $100.00 Buyer Deposit. Note: If you have a Reseller’s Permit and claim Tax Exempt status you MUST have a paper copy of your Resale License… IN YOUR NAME. It will be photocopied. If you don’t have a resale license, you pay the tax. You will have until Noon the following day to completely empty the unit and have the contents loaded and ready to remove from the property. Larger units MAY be given an additional day. If you need longer, talk to the Manager. The last step? Your $100.00 Deposit is returned to you. It’s that simple!

We look forward to seeing you on MONDAY MARCH 6th a little before 10:00AM.

If you need additional information please give us a call, 209.476.0800, or Email us at Good Luck.