Abandoned Property Auction – San Jose CA NO PARKING ON PROPERTY! Park on Capitol Expwy.

April 19, 2016 @ 10:00 am
1520 Capitol Expy #155, San Jose, CA 95121, USA 925.392.8508
1520 Capitol Expy #155
San Jose, CA 95121

This is not a storage facility lien sale. This auction will be the sale of personal property that was abandoned by the former owner. The beauty of attending these type of auctions is that there is no required  “clean out” time or deposits collected. You literally take only what you want and leave whatever you don’t want, behind. Bidding methods can vary. One bid may take all (meaning the whole house) or maybe the bids will be accepted on a room by room basis.

NOTE: The home is located inside a mobile home park and parking is very limited. We ask that you park on the main street OUTSIDE of the mobile home park and WALK to the property WITH THE AUCTIONEER.  There will be a quick preview of the contents inside, with the auction itself being conducted outside of the park premises. Temporary parking will be allowed only for the purpose of property removal.

Sales tax and buyers premium of 15% applies.

Inventory Includes:
Computer Screen / Monitor, BBQ, Bed Frame, Misc. Holiday Items, Beds, Various Bedroom Furniture, Clothing, Books, Cabinets, Casio Player, Chairs, Chest, Cooler, Couches, Table & Chairs, Desk Tops, Misc. Kitchenware, Dremel Tool, Electronic Components, Electronic Games, Mis. Household Item.